About The Process

I use a variety of transformative techniques based on mindfulness, breathwork, movement, sound, and meditative journeying that empower you to realize your Self, i.e., your true nature. No one ever heals anyone: All I can do is show you techniques to heal and realize your true self while walking the path with you.

The word “healing” comes from the root concept of “wholeness:” To heal means to reconnect with the circle of life. Taoists call this being in harmony with the “Tao” while others may describe it as union with “God,” “Buddha-Mind,” “Brahma,” “Universe,” “Spirit,” and so on. However framed, my practices connect you with your fundamental life-energy. Whether we call this energy “chi,” “prana,” “vital force,” or other, it is our true essential nature. Union of the self with this flow of life-energy always brings greater health, happiness, vitality, creativity, inspiration, synchronicity, ease, love, compassion, growth, clarity, and alignment with our unique soul path, what Buddhists call our “dharma.”

Through mindful breathing, movement, sounding, and meditative journeying, you will experience an embodied transformation as you activate your latent potential, align with your core purpose, and heal from illnesses caused by imbalances and blocked energy. As one who has done this work for over 15 years, I can hold a container for you to realize the same process that I continue to explore. Ultimately, this is the process of awakening and it is the only game in town.

For an overview of what to expect in each session, please click below.