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Becoming the Creator

Updated: Apr 27

By freeing ourselves from limited patterns of energy and thinking, we enter into full responsibility of creating our lives. It is easier to believe what other people say. It is easier to do what other people tell us. Rather than investigating the truth of who we are, it is easier to assume that the "experts" know. When we do this, we compromise our full autonomy for the illusion of comfort and security.

When I enter fully into my being, breathing and feeling my body completely in this present moment, I align with the creative energy of what I am. I believe this innate energy is the same energy of creation itself, that the Universe is essentially a creative process ever-evolving in more novel forms of creativity. The nemesis to the ongoing will of creation and evolution is the fixation upon beliefs: We tend to exchange our participation in the flow of life for a false security in a mental prison.

Many of the techniques I offer are very effective at dissolving the energetic ties of bondage that have ensnared us through our lives. When I release the full power of my voice, OMing or RAMing with my whole body, the vibrations of my expression expel the heavy aura of my limited psychological condition. In the cleared state of free expression, I feel the vital flow of energy and I easily align my mind to serve the innate will of the Universe to evolve, create, and love.

For me, getting in touch with this creative force is an act of "Truth": I find that the creativity of my being is the same energy as everything else in the cosmos. Thus, I find it easy to relate with and even love every other being I come across. If "love" is too strong a word, then at the least I find a kinship with all others, and a gentle feeling of wanting them to be well.

In this state of dynamic creative presence and relaxed, good-willed relationality, it is impossible for me not to be the creator of my life. In my heart is the creative vision for my life: As I open to the energy of my heart, I feel the irrepressible urge to pursue this vision. Since this vision comes from my heart, arising from the knowing that you and I and all others are cut from the safe cloth, then the vision is always aligned with contributing to the highest wellbeing and evolution of life.

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