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What is Healing?

Updated: Apr 27

Healing is a hot topic these days. Healing is being promised through reiki, yoga, meditation, diet, special retreats, plant medicines, guru mentorships, and countless other courses, classes, trainings, and the like. I cannot speak to what other people mean when they discuss healing, but I can say a lot about my own understanding of healing.

For me, healing is about reconnecting to the innate wholeness of being. I experience consciousness to be like an infinite circle in which the center is everywhere but yet the circumference is nonexistent in its limitlessness. This is an unfathomable concept, but so goes the paradox of our existence.

On more relative levels, the wholeness concept of the circle also applies. When I am connected to the innate energy of my being, whether I call that spirit, shakti, chi, prana, or other, then I feel included in the great circle of life. I experience myself as part of the great community of life.

As I drive by the trees on my morning commute, I see the trees as individual beings, reaching out to me, waving in the wind, standing strong and bearing me witness like caring elders reminding me to live with dignity. The trees are my family. The crow that flies across the road just as my car passes is also my kin. I recognize the greater consciousness of Mother Earth speaking to me. I recognize Gaia as such because I am praying to her as I sing songs of devotion. My heart is full of her love. She reveals herself more and more as I immerse myself in the love of our connection.

For me, this is healing: a process of continual renewal and reunion with my beloved, the greater totality of what I am. This is decidedly a spiritual frame of describing healing because the experience is centered on the psychic-emotional level of felt experience. I would however point out that my body is located within this sphere of awareness; everything is located within this sphere of awareness.

Other relative levels of healing may be observed on the physical level. When I am in the flow of connection to the greater wholeness of myself (spirit), I am deeply satisfied and content. I do not crave excessive sweets, intoxicants, or other experiences that will create imbalances in my body, mind, and soul. I have been there before, deeply depressed and harrowingly alone in the shell of my suffering, gorging myself on sugar and pizza, smoking marijuana until I pass out. In my current state of much greater wholeness and presence, the cravings are gone. Right now I only sense a pleasurable tingling of energy in my body. I would sooner poke myself in the eye than binge on sugar and that is because I am at peace in myself, in the totality of the present moment.

Healing can mean many things in many different contexts, but the deepest project of healing concerns the truth of who we are. If I tap into the wellspring of my true self, i.e., Spirit, then these waters will nourish all facets of my life that need attention. When I am deeply in touch with myself, I effortlessly align with the natural way of being that best serves my greatest health and happiness. Harmful habits fall away like leaves in autumn. I crave more tea than coffee or energy drinks; I want an apple rather than a candy bar; I go to sleep before 10:00pm and awake before 5am without the least bit of effort. And so on: exercise, relationships, life purpose, creativity, meaning, experiences of awe and wonder, and joy seem to be easily at hand.

Life is good, fundamentally: this is the realization of the Taoist. There is a fundamental buzz of lively joy in the human experience when I am aligned with the universal life-force energy. To be connected to this energy is the goal of my life, the point of yoga. Ultimately, the ideal is to be the energy completely so that all distinction between "me" and "God" disappear. In that case, there is a higher prevalent ecstasy that pervades regardless of the situation at hand.

While the techniques I teach can be used for many different purposes such as opening your voice for greater communication abilities, healing from disease conditions and complexes, cultivating confidence, and finding freedom from stress and worry, I intend for my services to unite us with our greater truth of being. Mindful breathing, movement, vocalizing, and visualization journeying can help us to come home.

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