What to Expect

Standard Healing Session 

Check-in and Intention: We start with a short check-in to note where you are and what has transpired since last time (if we are meeting regularly). We invoke your intention.

Breathwork: I lead you through a method of engaged yogic breathing that unites your mind with your body and activates your energy system. 

Movement: We bring in movement to join your breathing practice. I lead you through a series of easy movements that are synchronized with your breathing. These practices unite body and mind even further, releasing stuck energy and preparing you for free movement.

Sounding:  I lead you through a series of voice exercises. I show you how to properly manage your breath and posture as you explore your vocal expression. We experiment with a variety of sounds, chants, mantras, and tones that activate your entire body and free your channels of expression. We explore the intuitive, spontaneous sounds that will release you from stuck patterns and help to process latent emotions.

Free Movement and Sounding: We combine movement and sound to explore your free expression. The goal here is to free your body and mind to dance and express whatever you need to. Joy, anger, sadness, etc.: It is all welcome and encouraged to play out in this space. The goal is uninhibited expression: The mind becomes the witness and servant of the deeper processes in the body which need to be seen and experienced. 

Meditative Journeying: After so much outward expression, I now guide you inward with a meditative journey. You can  relax completely as I prompt you through a visualization where you return to an anchored space of safety and beauty. In this deeply relaxed state, you can integrate the great work you have done in our session. Last, I invite you to envision yourself in your inspired state of great health, happiness, wealth, success, and other forms of abundance that are calling to you.


Parting Ways: We check in again about what we covered today. I prompt you to continue these practices in your own time and space until we meet again.