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Flow-based Techniques to Bring you Home

I guide you through breathwork, movement, vocalizing, journeying, and other techniques of presence and flow.

Integration Session (1hr/$80)

I hold space for you to unpack your experience, process emotions, and make connections as you find deeper meanings. If you are doing the flow-based work with me, these sessions are useful on occasion to work through the story-based aspects of your transformation. 

Standard Session (1hr/$80)

We meet one-on-one in a safe space where you are free to express yourself fully. If it is your first session with me, I require an initial 1.5 hour in-take session ($100). For an idea of what to expect in each session, click below. 

Plant Medicine Preparation (1hr/$80)

My techniques and processes are very useful in preparing for deep plant medicine journeys. First, I will help you clarify your intent, purpose, and vision. Second, my techniques of embodiment provide you with the tools you need to move gracefully through your ceremony.   

Schedule a Session

Please reach out to me at daniel.k.white89@gmail.com


Daniel K. White 

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